Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Saudi arabian innovator designs smart school bag

Smart School Bag

Thirty-one-year-old Saudi Khalid al Jabal has come up with an original approach to education. He has designed a inclusive and compact system controlled in a “Smart Bag”, which he says will make students’, parents’ and teachers’ lives easier.

“This Smart Bag is part of the classification. The system contains special software precise to the teacher, programs for school management, programs. There is a program for federal management, which is the Ministry of Education. These programs mutual symbolize the project for the Smart Bag and school electronic system,” al Jabal said.

The Smart Bag is a small backpack weighing 1.5 kilograms and encloses a tablet computer. This device contains the system’s educational program and joins the teacher, students and parents or guardians to one network.

“At home, the student can converse with the teacher in a simple and easy way. There is a forum for each lecture (a session on the internet). This is a forum for statement between the teacher and the students. If there is a query from a student, he can ask it in the forum and when the teacher answers each one will advantage,” al Jabal said.

“With this system, the guardian doesn’t require to visit the school, because he gets a daily statement which enables him to see the times of admission and exit of his child to and from school, and he also can see the child’s educational and behavioral progress,” al Jabal said.


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