Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Indian students 39% takes loans and 22% win scholarship.

Nearly 4 in 10 Indian students took loans in 2011-12 to fund his or her MBA dreams, data collated by the Graduate Management Admission board shows. Many B-schools came to the rescue of students in this unsure economy.

22% cent of Indian aspirants received financial assistance in the form of scholarship. Of the rest, 17% took parents' help, 10% dug into personal savings and 13% looked for other options of funding. 

The top reservations that prospective students cite about pursuing a graduate business degree always relate to the high cost of tuition/fees and how to pay for their education. To lessen these concerns, admissions professionals at a majority of business programmed international report offering a variety of tuition assistance options ranging from 52% of online MBA programmed up to nearly all 96% full-time 2-year MBA programmes, the latest GMAC survey report noted. 

More master’s programmes (87%) offered scholarships than other specialized master's or MBA programmes, although full-time 2-year MBA programmes had the highest average percentage of student scholarship recipients (43%) across all programme types. Professional MBA programmes, such as managerial and part-time MBAs, were the least likely to offer scholarships to incoming students.


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