Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Right Of Children Need Free Education

The historic Right to Education today came into force given that free and necessary schooling to children in the 6-14 year age bracket with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asking the states to join in this national effort with full resolve and fortitude. The new statute makes it mandatory on the part of the state governments and local bodies to ensure that every child gets education in a school in the neighborhood. Its realization will directly profit close to one core children who do not go to schools at present.

Addressing the nation on the occurrence, the Prime Minister said, "the government is committed to ensuring that all children irrespective of gender and social category, have access to education."Our government, in business with state governments, will make sure that financial constraints do not hamper the achievement of the Right to Education Act”.  The 86th Constitutional modification making education a elementary right was passed by Parliament in 2002. The Right ofChildren to need Free and Compulsory Education Act, a law to enable the performance of the fundamental right, was passed by Parliament last year. Both the Constitutional revision and the new law came into force from today.


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