Monday, September 20, 2010

To know how to become a fashion designer

Are you dying to find out how to become a fashion designer? Want to become the next Giorgio Armani or Coco Channel? Well, you'd better get started now, and you'd better recognize people - the chances that you'll reach the stages of success that those well-known names did are slim to none. The good news is that if you have capacity and are ready to work hard, you can have a fashion profession that gives you a relaxed and fulfilling life, even if you don't become a family name.

The initial step to becoming a fashion designer is to evaluate your abilities. You must be able to plan and sew and you must have an eye for colors, models, designs and details. You'll also require an internal drive and a strong will to do well even when things look miserable and people are serious of your work, since the competition is severe in this industry. If you still think that you have what it takes, the next step is to get at least two-year degree in fashion design, if not a bachelor's degree. Business paths will be very supportive in addition to the designing and design-software courses because they will educate you how to advertise yourself and get ahead. Furthermore, internships are very helpful for you to grow experience.

Be sure to keep all your drawings and take photographs of your finished work to put together a portfolio. Once you're done with school, teaching programs and/or internships, then you can begin screening the world how creative you are by relating for jobs with fashion houses, you can begin advertising your own creations to local shops with your portfolio in hand. If you finished an internship, you may also be able to get appointed on as an employee when your internship is finished. If anything, use your internship as a position to make connections-this is what you require more than anything to get in front as a fashion designer.

The medium expected salary for fashion designers is just under $50,000, but if you are one of the lucky ones you can make around millions. It is significant to be realistic, though, since there are only so many Versace in the world.


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